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New technologies in the lighting domain are making it easier for entrepreneurs to find a cheap way to light up their commercial spaces without having to splurge on their lighting systems. LED is one of these new technologies, which provides an affordable, low-maintenance and long-lasting lighting solution.  Best LED high bay lights are the best option when you need to light a large commercial space, like a factory assembly line, a high school gym or a car showroom.

High bay lights vs Low Bay lights

High bay lights are especially designed to light up large spaces with high ceilings that stand between 20 and 45 feet. Low bay lights are used to illuminate lower spaces, below 20 feet. The difference between these two types of lighting fixtures is given by the specific characteristics of a high ceiling space vs a low ceiling space. Best high bay LED lights are powerful enough to illuminate a large area without creating glare and can also be placed far away from each other, compared to low bay lights. These cheap light fixtures come in simple designs and can be used to illuminate indoor spaces where corrosive agents are present, for example a factory, thanks to their sturdiness. Best LED high bay lights are powerful enough to provide light in spaces with a high concentration of airborne particles as well.

Benefits of Best LED high bay lights

Entrepreneurs always struggle to keep a good balance between profit and expenses. A business’ aim is to minimize the expenses and maximize the profit. Choosing the right lighting system is one way to save money on the long term, as maintenance costs, replacement costs and energy waste cost can quickly pile up.

High bay LED lights tick a lot of boxes when it comes to benefits: they are sustainable, have a long life-span and they are highly efficient when compared to other lighting technologies.

By installing LED lights you invest in your employees’ health and increase their productivity. LED lighting provide a continuous, bright light which promotes better focus. A bright space is also welcoming for your guests, who will feel good while visiting your store or showroom.

Most best LED high bay lights require very low maintenance, which is a he advantage as you won’t have to spend money on replacing light bulbs.

Another benefit of high bay LED lights is the superior quality of the light they provide. LEDs are powerful enough to provide light when installed at high levels and the light they provide has the right mix between warm and cold, so it doesn’t alter the colors. This is very important in factories, showrooms and stores, where you want your employees and customers to be able to see the colors as accurately as possible.

Other type of lights waste energy by emitting heath or by distributing the light in all directions. LEDs distribute light at a 120 degree angle and emit a low amount of heat, even when they are on for a long time. This makes them very efficient and sustainable, which translates into lower energy bills.

There are many things to weight in when you choose a lighting system, from proper coverage to high quality light, so take your time to make sure you invest in the best lighting technology for your commercial space.

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